Health Care Program

The ILAC Mission’s Health Care Program is designed to achieve wholesome results. The health team accompanies the community to identify their needs and find solutions. As a result, they develop action-based strategies that involve the families from each community in the search of sustainable improvements to their quality of life and development. They do this by organizing and integrating the community members.

Medical Services
The presence of medical teams in the various communities, thanks to the schedule of activities of the ILAC Mission, is an invaluable contribution. The transportation costs, the distance from urban centers of many of the communities and the absence of resources to obtain adequate health care, both in the public and private sectors, make families and individuals vulnerable to physical and psychological ailments. ILAC, through its Health Care Program, contributes to improving the conditions of the people who, by feeling helped, also improve their self esteem.

Family and community
The family is the center from which the personal and community life of an individual stems. So the ILAC Mission’s work and programs are focused on families. In order to vitalize a community’s life, we promote self-analysis for people to be able to give the best of themselves in their daily lives. There, in the community, is where the changes that the ILAC Mission promotes are manifested, day by day showing considerable improvements. These communities exemplify a process of empowerment with the objective of achieving sustainability in health care and education. When human beings are physically and spiritually healthy, they inject enthusiasm and hope, therefore promoting, from their perspective, a social reengineering that benefits each person that is linked to the ILAC Mission. This transformation impacts not only the individual, but also the entire community and its surroundings.