Orthopedics Program

Every Year, the ‘Cooperador’ from each community identifies potential patients, with problems in their limbs, who are then evaluated by the specialists at ILAC Mission and local volunteer orthopedic professionals to determine the surgeries that they may require. There are three surgical Orthopedics programs:
Arthroscopic Program for Shoulder and Knee: These surgeries are performed in the modern facilities found at the ILAC Mission for Rural Health in Licey.

Arthroplasty Program for Knees and Hips: These procedures are performed at Hospital Traumatológico y Quirúrgico Profesor Juan Bosch de La Vega. The hospitalization, meals, and medicines are provided through the health center. The knee replacements are performed by the team from “Saint Louis” and the hip replacements by the team from “Portland”. All the materials and implants in this program are provided by the teams of volunteer surgeons.

Surgical Program for hands and feet:Realized during the same week as the arthroscopic program for shoulders and knees.