Ophthalmology Program

Doctor Robert Della Rocca, an alumnus of Creighton University, was contacted by Ernesto Fernández-Travieso, S.J., founder of ILAC Mission, and through his foundation,“Volunteer Health Program” they formed a team from the prestigious “New York Eye and Ear Infirmary”, In 1995, the first Ophtalmogic Program for Consultation and Surgery was realized from facilities at the Hospital de Ojos in Licey al Medio.

Thanks to the initiative of many volunteer doctors from ILAC Mission, in 2004 a Rural Health Center was built, modern facilities where hundreds of surgeries have been performed for cataracts, strabismus, plastics, pterygium, facial reconstruction, birth defects, afflictions and tumors.

Because they are outpatient procedures, these types of interventions have important advantages: patients are discharged the same day as the surgery and their recovery is very quick, notwithstanding the change in the lives of the patients that recover their eyesight thanks to the procedures that are completely free of charge.