Roof and Walls

Every human being dreams of owning a house; a home where he can start and shelter a family.  However, this dream remains unreachable for a significant percentage of the population.  Countless families struggle all their lives to build a home and many never attain this goal.

Mission ILAC works with collaborators and donors so that the desire of many families becomes a reality.  This program is known as “Roof and Walls for a more dignified life”.   The program aims to improve the quality of life of families who lack the means to live in dwellings that satisfy minimal housing standards.  More than 200 families have benefited from this housing construction and maintenance program.

In selecting families for this program, the following criteria are applied:

Whether improved housing will help the family get ahead and whether the new house will by a positive step in the family’s development.  Other factors in selection include: the family’s access to basic services and the family’s state of overcrowding. The program demands a commitment on the part of the family from the moment they are assigned to benefit from a new dwelling.  The family must be present when the building materials are delivered.  They must give symbolic value to this process and display a sense of ownership.