Building of Clinics

Community Clinic in Arroyo del Toro Since the beginning of Mission ILAC’s work, one of the priorities has been imparting health education in rural communities.  For this purpose, more than 160 Partners in Health have been trained and certified.  These men and women have been selected by their respective communities to render voluntary service to all families.  Many of these communities are located in isolated places, where public transportation is virtually non-existent.  For this reason, the majority of these communities have little or no access to basic health services.

In order to improve health conditions in the countryside, Mission ILAC works with several German foundations, such as CED Christlicher EntwichklugsDients and Eine-Welt, and with the German government.  Together, these institutions are building health clinics in the communities of Comedero in Fantino Cotuí, Arroyo del Toro in Tamboril and Las Lagunas in San José de las Matas.

In addition to providing health services, these Health Centers focus on preventative medicine and health education.  The centers are staffed by medical personnel and coordinated by ILAC’s health team.

These Health Centers benefit more than 3,000 persons living in rural areas.  The centers include the following facilities:

  • Medical offices
  • Dental cabinets
  • Waiting room
  • Pharmacy
  • Kitchen
  • Room