Homeroom Classrooms

“Homework classrooms” are one of the components of the educational program in which students from low income/low education families, participate.

The purpose of these classrooms is to enrich the content taught by the schools they attend and at the same time develop learning skills.  The homework classroom is conducted by a person in the community who is a teacher or who is studying to become a teacher and offers the community this activity as a volunteer service.

Aspects targeted:

  • Hygiene habits and preventive health.
  • Creativity development (painting, arts and crafts, language expression).
  • Learning reinforcement with emphasis on Math, Spanish, Social Science and Science.
  • Artistic development (Music, Art, Crafts).

Time allocation in the Homework Classroom

Two hours of subject area reinforcement

One hour of Creative Arts

A total of three and a half hours 8 to 11:30 a.m. and  2:00 to 5:30 p.m.


  • To guarantee that in rural communities, students in Initial and Basic education, have a place where they can review the subjects they have learned in school.
  • To guarantee that upon leaving school, these students will have a place where to reinforce their knowledge as well as take part in activities that promote creativity and an all around education.
  • To prevent that at the end of the school day, these students are idle for lack of a place where to go to practice their lessons and reinforce their skills.