Organic Fertilizer

The indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers has caused many agricultural and health problems. Among those problems are environmental contamination, rising production costs, and soil salinity among others.

Many farmers have developed a dependency on chemical fertilizers because they don’t know the effectiveness of organic fertilizers and their benefits. Mission ILAC through its training program in rural areas, teaches the farmers so that they can prepare and use organic fertilizer to supplement their soil and in that way benefit from a clean and sustainable agriculture. Almost 80% of the farmers assisted by Mission ILAC prepare part of the supplies and fertilizers used in their crops.

ILAC offers many courses which target the farmers for the manufacturing of supplies and fertilizers among which we cite the following:

  • Bocashi
  • Fermented grass
  • Sulphuric mix
  • Worm humus
  • Compost

And… results can be seen

This program of education and agro-ecological production is impacting the quality of life of the farming families, contributing to the improvement of the lives of their members through an increased income, improved knowledge and skills in organic agriculture, greenhouses, and the commercial use of their products.

It is worth mentioning that with this program the personal capabilities of the farmer have been increased in the sense of their self-esteem has improved because of the sense of importance they achieve when they are capable of guaranteeing their own ability to feed themselves and brake the dependency from the traditional intermediaries, establishing new commercial business relations directly with supermarkets.