Since 1995, ILAC Mission develops a program of education and agricultural production in the Cibao rural communities in order to help improve the quality of life for families with organic vegetable production. The program is based on the use of organic and biological materials with applied technology to improve productivity and contribute to improving the environment and the production of healthy and free of harmful chemical materials to health.

The program also improves mountain land devastated by the grave, burning and shifting cultivation. Educate farmers are trained and promotes self-management including, returning more activity and better paid.

As a strong point, the Organic Agriculture Program promotes the production of vegetables in greenhouses and high performance as a new alternative to traditional production.

The agroecological program is composed of the following components:

  • Guidance, monitoring and ongoing counseling to farm families.
  • Improving the nutrition and health of the population.
  • Implementation agroecological greenhouses and orchards for their own consumption.
  • Marketing of agroecological production surplus.
  • Environmental Conservation through reforestation program with coffee seedlings.
  • Greenhouse construction craft for increasing agricultural production in the communities.
  • Production inputs and organic fertilizers.

Organic Farming, taking and returning to the field.